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We understand what commercial clients demand from a window cleaning partner: quality, efficiency, and an unwavering commitment to safety. Our commercial professionals are trained to take on commercial buildings.


Cleaning your home’s windows is difficult, time consuming, and sometimes dangerous. Our team of certified window cleaning experts will bring a professional sparkle to your home in a fraction of the time using the industries Latest Technology; PURE WATER WINDOW CLEANING.

Driveway - Parking Lot

For years, our customers have trusted ClearView to maximize the appearance of their parking areas. Our expert technicians have the tools and training to manage the unique challenges that spills, leaks and mother nature can provide.

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We provide a wide range of services to make your windows clean and shiny!

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Residential Window Cleaning

Exterior Only
Up to 2 Story
Up to 20 Panes

Strip Mall Display Window


Show off your products with crystal clear glass!

Salon - Cellphone Store
Vape Store - Computer Shop
Up to 3 XLarge Panes

May Savings


Residential Window Cleaning

Interior & Exterior
Screens, Tracks, Sills
Up to 35 Panes
Pure water, also known as purified water, is water from a source that has removed all impurities. Distilled water is the most common form of pure water. Pure water can be purified by carbon filtration, micro-porous filtration and ultraviolet oxidation. Some places use a combination of purification processes. Pure water can be used in cooking, drinking, scientific studies and laboratories.
Puer Water water fed pole systems and water fed brushes tackle dirt and grime up to five stories.  Engineered to be portable, easy to operate and extremely efficient, ClearView uses them to stay at the cutting-edge of pure water innovation for the cleaning industry.
We only service locations up to 5 stories or 55′ tall. Our water fed pole system will accommodate 90% of locations that are 5 stories or less without the use of ladders, scaffolding or lifts.
Time will vary from project to project but our standar exterior pure water window cleaning usually takes less than 2 hours.

ClearView carries a variety of insurances to cover your property while we are onsite in the event of an incident. All technicians undergo a background check and extensive training on equipment used while onsite.

What others are saying about us

Cherrie Walton Customer

By C. Walton on February 19, 2018 Window Cleaning – Both Sides No Screens or Sills – 31-40 Windows – 2 Story  Verified Purchase Very nice people and they did a great job!

Yvonne Dietrich Customer

 By Yvonne on February 28, 2018 Window Cleaning – Both Sides Plus Screens and Sills – 11-20 Windows – 1 Story  Verified Purchase Excellent service and results! I love it when you actually get what you expect. Thank you

Katy Richards Customer

 By Katy Richards on May 16, 2019 Window Cleaning – Both Sides, Screens, Sills, Tracks, Frames – 1-10 Windows – 2 Story  Verified Purchase Clear View was awesome. I will use them again.


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